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The Great Hall

    You leave the tent away from all the dibbuns. Suddenly, you trip over a mysterious object, and fall flat on your face. You look up, and gaze around in awe at a gigantic hall. You see many other dibbuns around you, some of them trying their luck at games, and some intelligent dibbuns writing in books. Somebody clears their throat behind you. You spin around, and see an otterbabe wearing a fiery coloured stone around his neck. "Hi!," he says. "My name be Streampaw, matey! Do you wanna try some of these games?" The otter leads you to a corner, where there is a list of all the activities. "Choose which games you wanna play!"               Take part in this month's Competition
Go to the Rafters to meet the ringleader, and participate a special activity
Submit some recipes, and read other people's in The Kitchens
Take part in the most famous section of DAB; The Insult Arena!
Send in poems and stories at The Scroll Pile
Send in riddles to The Riddler
Read and send in cures for sick beasts at The Infirmary
Help Figgle unscramble the words at the Word Scramble
Draw some pictures at The Scribble Pad
Choose the Season name at The Nameday
Send Teal your ideas at The Suggestion Box
See what's happening at DAB on The Calender
Make funny pictures at Lookit!
Take part in the DAB Lottery
Write, make and do Missions
Write missions with a twist at The Commisioning Office


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