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.DAB's flag and closest thing to a mascot!

Dibbuns Against Bedtime
This is a Redwall-related club. If you are of the vermin side, I think you would belong here better. If a goodbeast or traveler treads here, please read on.  You are walking through Great Hall as you stare at the long tapestry hanging to your left. Suddenly a young squirrel pops out from behind the great cloth. "Hi!" he squeaks. "My name be Chugger, Right Paw of Ringleader Gonfflet, da second leader of our club. We are against sleep and bedtime, 'cause we be good yung 'uns. You be free to join, since our ranks can always get bigga'! Look around. Me sure you find it intewestin'." He points to the stairs leading down to Cavern Hole, and beckons you to follow. As you walk into Cavern Hole, you notice that there is a big tent pitched up beside a wall and two big tables. You come closer...


Ok, this is very important. I have got far, far too many e-mails and activities to deal with. If you want to help, you can read RWonline in April, there is something important there,but the easiest way to help, is to not send me any e-mails. I am now going to tell you something that you may be cross about. Until I have got rid of all the e-mails in my Inbox, any new ones, unless they are questions, will be deleted. Ok? I'm really sorry about this, but I have 319 or something new e-mails, and I can't deal with any more. As soon as I am finished with these e-mails, you will be allowed to send in as much stuff as you like, but for a while, you cannot.
I am truly sorry about this.
Gonfflet :o(

Dibbuns can be very naughty
They do not say thank you and please.
They eat candied chestnuts all morning
Instead of the healthier cheese!
They run and hide when it's bedtime,
And do tricks on their elders all day.
And while the grown-ups are working,
They don't do anything else but play!
All the elders got angry
And told the dibbuns to go away.
All the dibbuns cried and were sad,
They really thought they were really bad.
But one day a good dibbun formed a club
That goes against the bed and the tub.
The dibbuns were very happy,
So all of them joined the club.
The elders were also glad for the club
Because the little ones weren't in their hair.
And the grown-ups were also happy
'Cause the Dibbuns were in very good care.
Now the little ones can play all day,
They can also do tricks on each other.
They can swear and draw,
And there isn't a law.
And to work, oh, why bother!
Now, good dibbun, why not join DAB?
You will have lots of fun;
Don't worry about bathing, cleaning or sleeping,
Your uncarefree life will be done!
By Dandy, 1st Place Winner
of the February 1999 Contest

The Tent 

DAB declares it:
The winter of frosty dibbuns

DAB Bulletin

Last updated:
March 25th, 2001

Pincush Manyspikes has been appointed as DAB artist (see the animation above for some of his work). Congratulations Pincush!

Elder Arv will answer all your questions about DAB, the club's ranking system, activities, and everything else. 

Whenever you send Gonfflet or his right and left paws anything you must include your member name and group name! Or else! (mwa ha ha ha haaa!)

 Don't send in answers to activities that you sent in already! Wait for new ones!

IMPORTANT! Could everyone put a bit of a hold on sending me e-mails with activities and enlistment forms in, because I have 337 e-mails in my inbox, 225 that I have never looked at. Any questions are alright, but no more enlistments or activities. Thanks!

Remember, the candied chestnut guide on each activity is usually only a guidance (except on the Infirmary), so if I think you have done an extraordinary piece of work, then I am very likely to give it more.

E-mail Gonfflet here.

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naughty dibbuns have visited DAB since Saturday 17th February, 2001.

Illustration by Sean Rubin

You creep upstairs to the dormitory, where you see two beds next to each other. One is labeled "Gonfflet's bed", and the other, "Dandin's bed". Underneath Dandin's bed, you smell some candied chestnuts, and you crawl underneath. You take a chestnut from the pile, and suddenly a trapdoor slams down. "Ow!" squeaks a strong looking raccoon. "Dat weally hurt! Oh yeah, do you want to come to Tiny Troubles? We're DAB's ally."
"Yeah!"  "Nope, me just wanted candied chestnuts."

This site is open to all Dibbuns,
goodbeasts, and lovers of Redwall
in general. Enjoy Arven's work and my work (but don't steal it)!

Copyright message: Dibbuns Against Bedtime is Copyright 1999-2001 Gonfflet Mouse and Arven Squirrel. This is the ORIGINAL Dibbuns Against Bedtime site- it was around before the Taggerung. For proof, see the letter from BJ which is to be added soon. No content from this site originally (exact ranking system, Insult Arena, candied chestnuts point system, barracks roster list, alliterated group names, Cellars chat room) may be used without the permission of Gonfflet Mouse. Sorry about this long copyright message, but I'm paranoid about people making a copy of DAB after the Taggerung comes out. Thanks!