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    On the stairs between Great Hall and Cavern Hole is a miniature gatehouse. On one wall is a list of names and numbers. But in a corner is a full-grown male otter."Hello there, youngster!" he says. "I'm Thrugg, the Dibbun Assigner. The activities in DAB are mostly for members of DAB. The member names are listed below, and if you want to become one of them, please fill in the following information:"

What member name do you want?(To check if your wanted name is free, either ask me or do "Ctrl-F" on your keyboard and type in the name. If its here, sorry! Choose another name and check for that one.)
What weapon do you want from these choices?
If you want a different weapon, type it here or specify the one you chose.(If you want a different weapon, please make it "dibbuny"; that means no blades, poisons, and other grown-up stuff. We want DAB to be the perfect dibbun club.)
What species do you want to be?
Which group do you want to be in?
What e-mail address do you want me to send things to you through?
Do you have any comments or something else to say?

The standard issue weapon of DAB is a wooden sword, so if you forget to put down a weapon, or put an utterly ridiculous weapon (badger-made ruby encrusted gold and steel battle axe) you will get a wooden sword.

E-mail Gonfflet (and Thrugg) at:

    "Thank ye kindly, youngster!" says Thrugg. You decide to turn to the papers with words and numbers...

The DAB Members

    You then look at the paper with names and numbers. This is the list of the members of our club. This is the order in which the information is shown from left to right: the member's name, their species, their rank, their weapon, then their candied chestnuts amount (its what you need to get a higher rank. See Candied Chestnuts and Ranking further down this page for more info). Click on the member's name to e-mail him or her.
Infant Count: Uncounted
Tricky Tribe

Unbathable Bunch

Naughty Knot

Active Array

Slippery Sneaks

Dastardly Dibbuns

Clever Clan

Giggling Gang

Pesky Pack

Leader's Section

Gonfflet Mouse Ringleader Badger-Made
Long Dagger
The Greenstone+ Ringleader's Sceptre (made by Reddie)
Chugger Squirrel Right Paw-Imp Sling and Pillow shield -25
Streampaw Otter Left Paw Small sling w/ rocks Firestone
Ferdy Stickle Hedgehog Warden Ladle 16
Pincush Manyspikes Hedgehog DAB artist- Fiend Oatmeal Slingshot Whack-o-matic 5000 pillow-4

CC are candied chestnuts

Candied Chestnuts and Ranking

       This is the ranking system we Dibbuns use around here:
Sleepy-head - Scallywag: 10 candied chestnuts
Scallywag - Fiend: 20 candied chestnuts
Fiend - Imp: 35 candied chestnuts
Imp - Rascal: 60 candied chestnuts
Rascal - Scamp: 85 candied chestnuts
Scamp - Annoyance: 120 candied chestnuts
Annoyance - Ruffian: 165 candied chestnuts
Ruffian - Maggit: 200 candied chestnuts
Maggit - Rogue: 215 candied chestnuts
Rogue - Scoundrel: 250 candied chestnuts
Scoundrel - Troublemaker: 320 candied chestnuts
Troublemaker - Young Rip: 380 candied chesnuts
Young Rip - Dibbun: 430 candied chestnuts
You earn Candied Chestnuts by completing assignments. When you earn enough Candied Chestnuts to be promoted, your rank moves up to the next, but your Candied Chestnut Amount starts over again at 0, unless you earned some extra Candied Chestnuts. E-mail me, Gonfflet, (as well as Skittles, Streampaw and Ferdy) if you feel this Ranking System is too hard or too easy. Thanks!

The Rules
        I know we Dibbuns hate rules and regulations, but every well organized and well-made club must have a system of codes that all members should follow. That way, it will be more fun for everyone as a whole. Well, here they are:
1. No foul language or pornography.
2. Have 10 Candied Chestnuts in a month after joining.
3. Respect other members and leaders and their stuff.
4. Don't badmouth other members and leaders.
4. Have fun!
        If you think these rules are too harsh or too lax, e-mail Gonfflet, Skittles,Streampaw, or Ferdy. Next, here are the rules for bad behavior and conduct:
First offense: Warning
Second offense: 10 Candied Chestnuts reduced
Third offense: Moved down two ranks
Fourth and final offense: Kicked off club for a month
If you continue being extremely naughty, then we'll have to move on to the big penalty:

        Hopefully noone will go that far. Again, if you think these rules are too harsh or too lax, e-mail Gonfflet, Skittles, Streampaw, or Ferdy, and tell us what you think.